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Chiropractic, Spinal Decompression, Massage, and Rehab

At The Wellness Center, we offer chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, massage therapy, auto accident & workplace injury rehab, and foot orthotics to reduce or eliminate our patients’ pain and enhance their quality of life. Our services focus on your trouble areas including your lower back, neck, shoulder, legs, and other areas. We are committed to quality care, and we are a top-rated chiropractor in Fayetteville. We have treated patients with chronic pain, sciatica, arthritis, joint pain, headaches, neuropathy, pinched nerves, tingling or pain in legs, spinal stenosis, degenerative discs, and many other conditions.

We don’t just practice chiropractic & massage – we care about total wellness, so in addition to chiro and massage services for healing – we may also incorporate spinal decompression, cold laser therapy, corrective exercises, ice therapy, and custom orthotics to name a few. We are The Wellness Center, and we care about your total health!

The Wellness Center is the only certified Disc Center of America in Northwest Arkansas – we are proud to have won the Pain Treatment Award and be able to offer to our patients a non-surgical spinal decompression therapy that could be an alternative to surgery. Our spinal decompression equipment, the Accu-SPINA®, has been cleared by the FDA – it’s the only one in our area!

If you have pain or discomfort, schedule an appointment, so we can start working on enhancing your life today!

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The Wellness Center is a Top-Rated Chiropractor and Massage Therapist in Fayetteville

We have over 400+ 5-star reviews. We care about our patients and their health. The Wellness Center is located on Steamboat Drive in Fayetteville, Arkansas, which is right off Wedington Drive. We are in the shopping center with Harp’s Grocery Store and JJ’s Bar and Grill.

We offer affordable rates for our patients – we don’t make our patients sign up for a large package in order to receive quality care. Our patients can purchase chiro adjustments and massages together or separately and can also sign up for our packages to save! We offer pricing for adjustments for patients who have insurance and for those who don’t! And for our spinal decompression therapy, we offer financing through Care.

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WELCOME TO The Wellness Center Chiropractic

We want to be your chiropractor in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Like other health-care providers, we follow a standard routine to gain information about the patient. We consult, review the case history, conduct a physical examination, and may request laboratory analyses and/or x-rays. Unlike other health-care providers, however, chiropractic physicians also conduct a careful analysis of the patient’s structure and pay particular attention to the spine. We also ask you about your life — Do you eat well? Exercise at all? How do you deal with stress? Do you have children? What do you do for work? And so on.

Back pain affects 80% of Americans in their lifetime. Let us help you overcome the pain today!

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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Alec Spencer

Dr. Alec Spencer is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. During his time at Palmer he made the Dean’s list several times and was involved with different clubs and organizations within the school. He studied in Medical Science and Chemistry from Western Illinois University, Macomb IL, as well as Biology at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. He knows several adjusting techniques including SOT, Flexion-distraction, and Palmer Package (Diversified, Gonstead, and Thompson). Dr. Spencer is also currently pursuing his CCSP (certified chiropractic sports physician) certificate so he can be a better, more rounded chiropractor!

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Dr. Gabriel Carroll

Dr. Carroll was born in Lake Jackson, TX but moved to Fort Smith, AR at a young age. He graduated from Southside High School in 2008 and attended UAFS. While in undergrad, Dr. Carroll earned his bachelor’s degree in biology in 2012 before turning back to Texas. He attended Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, TX and interned in Highland, UT before graduating in 2015. Dr. Carroll worked in Fort Smith for 7+ years before being led to Fayetteville. Dr. Carroll utilizes diversified adjustments, Thompson drop technique, and Impulse instrument adjusting. He is a firm believer in treating problems at the source and utilizes therapeutic exercises to aid the body in resolution of its complaints.

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spinal decompression therapy

we are part of the largest group of branded non surgical disc centers in the world!

We offer an exclusive non-surgical spinal decompression treatment at The Wellness Center. Our spinal decompression therapy plans include more than FDA cleared equipment. We develop a treatment plan that encompasses your total health. We may also use orthotics, chiropractic, massage, cold laser therapy, corrective exercises, and other options to help your body heal and reduce or eliminate pain. We are the only clinic in Fayetteville or the Northwest Arkansas area to have the distinction of being a Disc Center of America.

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We have helped many residents in Fayetteville with chronic pain. If you have severe pain and are thinking about surgery, make sure to check out our non-surgical spinal decompression therapy as an alternative!

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Our New Patient Process is Different

We care about your overall wellness – not just giving you a massage or adjustment. The body can heal – just needs the proper treatment plan to encourage healing. Our process is different than other chiropractors, we analyze your overall wellness and develop a treatment plan that focuses on your total health. During our new patient consultations, we walk through flexibility, range of motion, posture and positioning, feet placement and pressure, spinal alignment, take x-rays, and make initial chiropractic adjustments. At the next appointment, we will review the findings of the wellness assessment. Then, we will suggest a care plan that suits your journey to healing.

Let’s work together and plan your path to healing. We can reduce your pain and get your life back.

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The Wellness Center Chiropractic


I have been seeing Dr. Spencer since I moved to Arkansas in 2020. He, and his staff are very professional, personable, and knowledgeable. I had back lower back pain which he has been able to get under control. When my daughter started having headaches, I took her to see him too. Her headaches are gone. When my daughter had an accident and fell, I had him take a look. He recommended a reasonable, effective treatment, that was not only beneficial, but also cost effective. I went to other chiropractors before I moved to Fayetteville, and none compare to the quality of service we receive here. We have since moved an hour away, but we schedule time with Dr. Spencer because we trust him and his results.

- Teara F.

This is the best chiropractor in NWA. To begin, the staff treats you like family. Dr. Spencer is very knowledgeable, and listens to your issues and makes a plan to help or eliminate your pain. They have massage chairs or a masseuse in house if massages are your thing. I feel 10 times better every time I walk out of their door. If you are looking for a home chiropractor look here first.

- Zachary F.

I had never been to a a chiropractor before going to the Wellness Center. The experience so far has been fantastic. I have had trouble with my back my whole life but after few visits I am already starting to feel a difference. The entire crew at The Wellness Center is great and my whole family loves Dr. Spencer!

- James R.

The Wellness Center is truly amazing! Dr. Felton is extremely knowledgeable, and knows what she is talking about. All of the staff are so friendly, and I love how they have massages at their locations as well as chiropractic care.

- Kaitlyn W.

Honestly some of the best health care I’ve received in NWA. Would recommend for any chiropractor or massage needs any day and have to multiple people. Both doctors are amazing and all the staff is super kind and helpful.

- Jay V.

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We offer chiropractic, spinal decompression, massage, and rehab for auto and workplace injuries. We are concerned with your total well-being and want to ensure an enhanced quality of life. We use a diversified technique to treat our patients’ pain from neck to lower back to foot pain – The Wellness Center can help!

Chiropractic Adjustments

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Cold Laser Therapy

Custom Orthotics

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We accept most major insurance policies for chiropractic adjustments.

To find out more about the insurance carriers we accept, call us at 479-435-6834.
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